Easy ZERO WASTE Swaps – Out and About

Here are some starter tips to help you hit the ground running in your first steps towards eco-conscious living.

These are some everyday small habits and swaps I made when I first started my journey, and it didn’t make a huge impact on my lifestyle but it sure did make a huge difference towards creating less waste each day.

The small changes made me look at my lifestyle in a more eco-conscious way and from then on I went on discovering more such eco-friendly alternatives.

1. Coffee Mug

If coffee is your lifeline like mine is chances are you are buying coffee outside too and one of the easiest swaps to reduce the waste of takeaway coffee cups is to invest in a travel coffee mug.

We have a few options in our store, glass with a cork sleeve or stainless steel, insulated mug that even keeps your drink warmer for longer.

2. Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle is one of the early habits I made and is the easiest to get into. I usually have it on in my bag all the time, the 4 checks to do before I leave home is keys, phone, wallet and water.

We have some good options for reusable water bottles for you, Stainless Steel insulated to prevent the water from going warm or Glass Bottle with an infuser (I personally use it to carry fruit infusion tea for a summers drink).

3. Grocery Bags

Cotton Tote Bags are my personal favourite reusable bags. These are versatile, easy to fold up in ur handbag to always have on hand for those spontaneous after-work grocery runs.

I also use jute carry bags for sunday farmers market hunt! We have them in three different sizes and they make a great set to carry a handful of those fresh fruits and veges.

4. Cutlery and Straw

This takeaway bunch of cutlery and straws are such a good one’s to always keeo in your handbag replacing all that plastic junk.

We have a few options to chosoe from our online store, the glass straws set is one of my favourite or this bamboo travel straw set that comes with a case.

5. Stainless Steel / Bento Lunchbox

I love using these stainless steel bento boxes to pack a small, picnic or even to carry restaurant takeaways. These have bamboo lids which are a perfect to use as cheese boards for a picnic and come with an elastic band to keep them secure.

6. Silicon Ziplock Bags

These Reusable silicon ziplock so versatile they are perfect to pack a sandwich, or even use them to store leftovers in the freezer.

Throw them in the dishwasher after use and they are great non toxic and eliminate all those future plastic ziplocks.

Above all, always remember. “It doesn’t matter that you are not Zero Waste, It matters that you are trying”.

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